Your Spot Memberships

Reiki Treatment


Includes choice of:

60 min Medical Massage

(reg $105)


45 min Energy Tune Up (Reiki and Sound Bowls)

(reg $100)



Includes choice of:

60 min CBD Massage

(reg $145)


90 min Medical Massage

(reg $145)

Lending a Helping Hand


Includes choice of:

90 min Lymphatic Drainage

w/ Gua Sha + Cavitation

(reg $180)


90 min CBD Massage

(reg $185)

All memberships include these benefits


There’s a 3-month agreement to start your monthly membership and enjoy its discount perks, after that, memberships are all month-to-month. The first and last month of membership fees are due at signup. Each bill includes a 2.5% service fee. You may cancel your membership after being a valid monthly member for a duration of full 3 months/ 90 days. Cancellation notice is due 10 days prior to your monthly charge due date. The due date is always the same day of the month as your initial signup. Should you choose to cancel your Monthly Membership you have 30 days to use any roll-overs as well as the “last month/ enrollment” service pre-paid upon signup. After 30 days, the promotional value expires and a difference in price towards the regular non-member rate will apply.


Redeem your “Monthly Service” and feel free to visit us for more treatments during the same month! Schedule appointments as often as you’d like because as a Your Spot member, you’ll always receive the membership cost for any additional participating treatments valid for all Membership Options.
No matter which Monthly Membership Option you choose you may try ANY of the other participating membership therapies above at their discounted membership options rates (no deductions or refunds in pricing, selected additional membership option must be purchased separately).


Instead of canceling your membership and potentially losing roll-overs or having to pay the enrollment fee again, you may just simply place your Monthly Membership on hold for a maximum of 6 months at a time for a small fee of just $20 a month. Valid for all Membership Options and rates. This fee is non-refundable and will not be added to your account as credit. This fee is to hold your account active.


You can accumulate up to 6 months of your promotional value rollovers treatments for as long as you have a current membership. However, if you cancel your membership your rollovers will go bye-bye after 30 days (please see month-to-month policy details above).

After 6 months, the amount paid will always be valid, the promotional value expires and a small reinstate fee towards the non-promotional value of the service selected (aka at its regular rate) will apply. For example: $80 Monthly Member reinstate fee after 6 months of just $25 to use towards a $105 Regular Priced 60 Minute Medical Massage.


Transfer your monthly membership to a loved one for a minimal $20 transfer fee. They can also be used to purchase gift certificates and/ or transfer any roll-overs! Valid only for lymphatic drainage, CBD Massage and Reiki sessions.

Cancellation Policies:

 Standard 24 Hours Cancellation Policy applies to all appointments. Failure to do so will result in a 40% fee of the original price of the session. You will still be able to use your monthly treatment.

6 Hour Cancellation / No Show Cancellation Policy. Canceling within 6 hours will result in treatment redemption.

No Refunds including Membership and Gift Certificates. Valid credit information must be provided for Monthly Membership Autopay. If card details change or expire you must provide the current valid information before your monthly due date. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of this agreement and loss of “last month/ enrollment fee” used towards failed membership monthly payment.

To Sign Up:

Email us at or click this link

and include which membership option you want along with your full card details.

You will be emailed the membership agreement for you to sign (which is all the information above)

and you will be charged your initial membership fees (1st and last month)